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National Parks of the West

Sunset Books, 1965
Страниц: 320
Формат: 220x285
This book is an appreciation of the spectacular beauty contained and preserved in America's Western National Parks, and an authoritative, descriptive guide to each of these areas. With words and pictures, it provides the fascinating answers to the many questions one asks about the varied Western National Parks. How were the strange and immense soil-and-rock structures formed? What animal and plant species populate the various parks? Why do so many different "life zones" occur in one area-and similar zones occur in far different climates? Who discovered the Grand Canyon? What flora and fauna will I be likely to see in a desert park... mountain range... rain forest... glacier area? These facts are accurate, contributed and checked by experts in geology, meterology, natural history, mountaineering, Indian history, and park history as well as officials of our National Park Service. The pictures in this book were created by the most skilled scenic, nature, and...
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