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Life: Photography Exposed: The Story Behind the Image

LIFE Books, 2013
Страниц: 176
Формат: 230x280
For nearly seven decades, LIFE has been the leader in presenting the world's greatest photography, and now, with this exciting new volume, the tradition continues-but with a unique twist. Here, in concise and engaging vignettes, the editors of LIFE reveal the circumstances behind the pictures, explain what the photographers were looking for and discuss why certain images have become immortal. Nearly every page will tell you something you didn't know before, in terms that are entirely clear. And, of course, throughout the book are spectacular photographs, beautifully presented. Some of LIFE'S most beloved names are here-Alfred Eisenstaedt, Larry Burrows, Lennart Nilsson-but there are also many other photographers who have never before appeared in a LIFE book, artists such as Cindy Sherman, Steve Bloom and Ralph Eugene Meatyard. Photography Exposed is a volume you will return to time and again, one to cherish as a keepsake.

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