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Martin Joachim

Cult Locations: Destinations Etched in Our Memory

Tectum Publishers, 2009
Страниц: 400
Формат: 265x265
This book will take you on a trip around the globe and show you different places full of surprises, myths and legends, all telling their own stories, on every continent. Special moments leave special marks on world history. Picture Neil Armstrong's first step on the moon, the fall of the Berlin wall or the election of the first African-American president of the United States. Massive scandals find recurring attention throughout the years, groundbreaking achievements in science and glorious sport successes are keptin good memory. Touching speeches or heroic gestures attained eternal fame, not to forget prominent scenes of movies as Casablanca. On 400 richly illustrated pages, this book highlights a fascinating mixture of these tragic, happy and curious moments too sublime to be forgotten.

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