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David W. Beskeen, Christine Foley, Elizabeth Eisner Reding

Adobe Web Pack: Photoshop 7, LiveMotion 2, GoLive 6

See how far your imagination can take you as you explore Web design possibilities with Adobe Photoshop, LiveMotion, and GoLive. Begin your journey with Photoshop as you take an up-close look at layers, images, and selections. Learn how color techniques such as blending and effects can transform your project. Then its on to LiveMotion as you work with color, effects, and rollovers. Create 3D effects, animate objects, and add sound to your animations. Finish things up by creating a new GoLive site: build aHome Page, add images, and format your text. Test your newfound skills as you animate Photoshop layers in LiveMotion and use LiveMotion objects in GoLive. With a little creativity, some solid design principles, and truly powerful design tools, the possibilities are endless!
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Adobe Photoshop

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