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Al Ward

Photoshop Elements 2 Special Effects

* Shows readers how to create high-end, professional effects using Photoshop Elements, which offers most of the features of Photoshop at a fraction of the cost * Features step-by-step instructions for creating amazing special effects like lightning, x-ray illusions, photorealistic objects, "carving" headlines in stone, morphing two faces, and more * Designed for home users and hobbyists, it's written in simple language that enables readers to maximize the program's capabilities quickly and easily * Features a thirty-two page color insert highlighting the most striking effects * CD-ROM includes valuable Elements "toolbox" of layer styles, effects, and gradients

Что такое электронный видоискатель (EVF)
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Что такое экспозамер. Видеоурок от Saurav Sinha (на русском)
The post Что такое экспозамер. Видеоурок от Saurav Sinha (на русском) appeared first on Fototips.ru.

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