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Phyllis Davis

Photoshop CS Timesaving Techniques For Dummies

* Veteran author Phyllis Davis provides readers with a comprehensive overview of Photoshop, the industry standard software package for image creation, correction, and enhancement * Breaks topics into easily-understood, hands-on, insider techniques that give readers the most efficient means of completing a task * Designed to encourage quick reading, with two-column format and multiple screen shots in each technique, plus an enticing thirty-two-page color insert * Explores intermediate and advanced topics, ranging from creating custom brushes and painting to working with channels, correcting color and tone, using curves and levels, and applying advanced blending mode techniques
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Adobe Photoshop

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Эффект "ломографии" с помощью Adobe photoshop

Эффект "ломографии" с помощью Adobe photoshop

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