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Michael Slater

The Adobe Photoshop Album 2.0 Book

It's pretty simple, really: All you want are good digital pictures and a way to keep track of them--without becoming a computer expert or professional photographer. If that's your story, this book is the answer to your prayers. Eschewing a raft of technical details and advanced editing techniques for need-to-know basics, this volume provides everything you require to begin managing your photo life using Photoshop Album 2.0. After providing a quick introduction to the world of digital photography, veteranauthor Michael Slater--who also happens to be one of Photoshop Album's creators--shows you how to get and store photos, organize and find them, perform simple image correction tasks (for example, cropping and sharpening photos), create fun projects (video CDs, print and electronic cards, calendars, etc.), print digital photos (at home, online, or at retail processors), and share your favorite shots. Throughout, the focus is on keeping it simple and fun while taking advantage of all of...
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Меня зачастую спрашивают, как фотографировать фейерверки, и многие считают что это очень сложно. Мой ответ всегда один и тот же - "фотографируйте, не думайте что это сложно, а результат вас удивит".

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