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David D. Smith

The Language of Beads, A Beader's Guidebook

One Might Oak, 2012
Страниц: 68
Формат: 140x215
A comprehensive instruction book for any beader, beginner to advanced. Stringing chapter covers crimping, clasps, seed beads, rubber tubing, multi strand, illusion jewelry, stretchy bracelets, memory wire, reference for common lengths, needles explained. Knotting chapter covers classic knotting, continuous strand, two string(two needle) technique. Wire wrapping chapter covers wire wrapped loops, wire facts, earrings, making clasps and pendants, decorative elements such as coils etc. Leather chapter shows differing ways to create a slide knot, or how to use findings on leather cord. Making beads chapter covers all major methods to make beads in your own home workshop. Birth stones list is comprehensive. List of common semi-precious stones is so handy to explain names of stones used to make beads. Beading terms list is invaluable and well researched. This book is a super companion on your beading journey for years to come! Great for the beginner, and experienced beader alike. Compact...

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