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Rafael Wu

All About Images

Страниц: 208
The difficulties of the creation and the search for improvement are the two main factors leading to the advent of this book. Due to the author being an artist, the analyses are based on the practice refined in the studio. This book divulges secrets such as how to realize and perceive art by "seeing", and not by "thinking", which highlights its great difference from other writings done by other theorists. Historically, the image has been the core of the human vision. The author focuses first on its quality and investigates its changes, from ancient times until today. Then, he highlights the interactions among image and language, writing, photography, the computer, and other inventions, systematically explaining how their collisions and influences affect our art and culture. His explanation is impressive and unprecedented. His excellent elucidation on geometric images, symmetry, proportion, perspective, and the mystic golden number, linked with mathematics, psychology, and...

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