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Chandra Bhushan S. Mishra

Guldasta Bikhare Foolon Ka: Bouquet Of Poems (Hindi Edition)

Страниц: 76
This book has varieties of poems such as festive Holi sogns, Bhajans, Folksongs, Ghazels, Satires, Comedy and poem for kids. Poet realized that people want to get rid off burdens after long day work. This book help is releasing their worries and make them feel fresh. You will enjoy songs, Ghazels and bhajans if you are perform prayer. Once you enjoy the songs you get releife. You may sit alone or with friend and read the poems. You along with your friends get enjoyment. In this book poet has tried to express his view on society trends. This book may take you in the ocean of pleasure if you have celebrated festive occasions such as holi, festival of colours, and Diwali, festive of light. Some evil trends in the society is alive even today. some poetris or written on this topic too. I can't promise but await your reply on the satisfaction you get through this book. I hope you will get full enjoyment in this book. I would not like to elaborate about the book here. this would kill the...

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