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Bettina Krieg, Thomas Andrae, Moritz Kaufmann, Christia Ganzenberg

Bettina Kreig - Abysse (English and German Edition)

Страниц: 54
Bettina Krieg's complex and obsessively detailed pen-and-ink drawings revealfragments of human existence, countless layers of ideas, images and feelings. This slim but elegant exhibition catalog includes multiple fold-outs and mylar inserts to accurately reproduce the young, Berlin-based artist's extraordinary ''narrative clouds,'' as curator Christian Ganzenberg describes them in one of several outstanding texts. He lauds the artist's ''exuberant richness of detail'' and the ''precise, almost Old Master-like alignment and the unusual saturation of the depths.'' Scrap-metal yards, destroyed cars, insects, birds, waterfalls, exploding machines, fish scales, tentacles, cells, cables: Krieg herself can barely describe her inspirations for these works which are at once abstract and figurative.

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