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Peter Kraus

Anyone Can Arts... DRAWING MAGIC Guidebook 2

Страниц: 242
WHY CHOOSE THIS BOOK? IT'S FUN, QUICK AND EASY. * 12 Exciting Lessons, over 500 Drawings, plus 100's of TIPS and helpful HINTS reveal the SECRETS: HOW to START...HOW to PROCEED...HOW to FINISH. * Each lesson clearly explains & illustrates WHAT to LOOK FOR, WHAT to DO, WHERE, WHEN, WHY and HOW...EVERY STEP OF THE WAY! * IT'S LIKE HAVING YOUR OWN PERSONAL TEACHER WITH YOU. * PENCIL, PAPER & ERASER is all you need. * GREAT for AGES 9-90-TERRIFIC for EDUCATORS and HOME SCHOOL. HERE'S WHAT STUDENTS SAY... DRAWING MAGIC is excellent! I've checked out many drawing books from the library. This book is special! Mary G. Most art books take you from A to B, then they skip to G. DRAWING MAGIC doesn't do that. It goes from A to B, then to C, then to D. Anita A. DRAWING MAGIC truly taught me to see. It combines simplicity and detail with proportion, structure and balance. These have taught me to break through barriers especially in my construction business. Now my clients say, "you are an...

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