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Angelika Zikiy

Re-entry shock in Eastern European Students returning from the UK: Re-entry Shock & Culture Shock Issues

Страниц: 88
This book could be considered as another tiny, but significant drop in the deep ocean of intercultural communication. The area of the investigation is re-entry of Eastern European students who studied in England, at the University of Bedfordshire. The participantsa?? views and opinions, which were collected via questionnaires, interviews and diaries, reveal the fact that the students encountered culture shock when they entered England, but only some of them confronted re-entry shock when they returned home. Being overseas the students got changed, and as a result experienced some difficulties back at home. Thus, the findings indicate that the degree of re-entry shock can depend somehow on the degree of adjustment to English life. Consequently, the students are reluctant to return home after studies basically due to their acculturation to English lifestyle rather than due to re-entry shock. The full findings of the research, their analysis as well as possible suggestions will be...

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