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Mr Wayne F. Collins

A look Through A photographer's Window

Страниц: 204
This Photography book is for everyone who has ever held a camera and wants to make great images. It explains very clearly the things that can change your photographs from good to exciting and beautiful. Wayne Collins, a top glamour and celebrity photographer and author, tells you in conversational language all about many of his spectacular original shoots. See his shoots from beginning to end. Experience the feelings of the photographer and his subjects. Feel the excitement building in his shoots. Watch every step of a major shoots unfold and see the amazing results. Find out where to get the best props and save money by making your own incredible props. Watch up close a professional shooter at work and learn: • How to improve your photography. • What cameras and lighting are used by the professionals. • How to arrange your lighting for powerful image results. • What to bring to location shoots, and why. • The jargon the pros use and fit in. • How to get published all...

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