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Colby Brown

Google+ for Photographers

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Prior to Google+, Photographers relied on a mix of Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, and other services to display their work and interact with others. No single service provided photographers with a complete set of tools that allowed them to connect with others in a rich, meaningful way–until now.Unlike other social networks, Google+ allows photographers to upload, personalize, and update images easily. The Google+ interface is intuitive and attractive?images appear large and uncropped in the stream, preserving their original integrity; and the infinite scrolling feature creates a fluid, enjoyable photo browsing experience. In addition, the Google+ interface is built to encourage social interaction, not in miniature sound bites, but in full-length discussions with diverse groups of people. Users can build circles to connect with just those they want to include in different conversations, and they can use the Hangouts feature to talk with other users in real time from anywhere in the world....

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Nikon - Lens
Съемная линза для камер мобильных телефонов Magnetic Detachable Photo Lens RosInvest.Com31.12.08 - table border=0 width= valign=top cellpadding=2 cellspacing=7trtd valign=top class=jfont style=font-size:85%;font-family:arial,sans-serifbrdiv style=padding-top:0.8em;img alt= height=1 width=1/divdiv class=lha href=http...

Nikon - Lens
Corel Ulead PhotoImpact X3 -достойный конкурент PhotoShop26.01.09 - Internet Zone PhotoImpact позволяете осуществлять оригинальный набор фильтров, носящих название "Фильтры объектива" ("Lens Filters"). Около помощи данных фильтров в цифровой форме можно получить эффекты, которые достигаются как следует установки на фотокамеру различных объективов. Помимо экономии средств, эти фильтры позволят вы восполь...

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