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Diarmuid Costello

The Media of Photography (Journal of Aesthetics and Art Criticism)

Страниц: 300
Two events in particular occasion this volume on the philosophy of photography: the blurring of boundaries that many took to demarcate photographic technology and practices from other representational and artistic technologies and the invention of digital photography. The purpose of this volume is not to revive older questions by asking what, if anything, still distinguishes photography in the light of these developments, but to consider sundry questions about the materials and toolsa??or mediaa??of photography from a variety of perspectives. critically examines classic and influential arguments in philosophy of photographyaddresses recent trends in photographic art, such as conceptualism and appropriationhighlights philosophically neglected elements of photographic art, such as performativity and self-portraiturereexamines the role of photographic media in photographic art practicesoffers new perspectives of the impact of digital technologies on photographyexplores the relationship...

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