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Adejumo Isaac O.

February 14: A Day to Love and be Loved

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a??This world is indeed a complex small village! How could my enemy become my savior? What a world of mystery!My life is rough but I hope that it would be better some day. I moved from the ladder of ignorance to the valley of deceit, from valley of deceit to pit of sorrow, depression and agony. I almost lost all and attributed the loss to my arch enemy, but when I was faced with him I could not hurt him, because I met him in a community where vengeance was a tabooa?¶ "She looked into the vacant, still, warm air and muttered: a?Шrevenge is indeed painful in the intent, and it is very dangerous in execution; seldom does the axe fall where he who lifted it up intended; and he remembers not that it must recoil against him. In this community, vengeance is indeed not an option..." Indeed, a??The man who seeks revenge digs two gravesa??

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