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Michel Majerus (English, French and German Edition)

Страниц: 220
Michel Majerus died at the young age of thirty-five, and yet this visual artist (1967-2002) has left a multifaceted and extensive oeuvre. His contribution to an expansion of the medium of painting has informed an entire generation of contemporary painters. In his pictures and installations, Michel Majerus explored all formats, from the smallest to the overwhelmingly large. On the level of content, he quotes from comics, media, advertising, and time and again also from an art-historical repertoire ranging from Minimal to Pop Art. The exhibition at the Kunstmuseum Stuttgart is accompanied by a catalog that outlines the various phases of his artistic development, embeds Majerus's oeuvre in a larger art-historical context, and analyzes his art against the backdrop of a global flood of images. Numerous installation shots convey an impression of Majerus's large-format works and space installations. With essays by Nicolas Bourriaud, Ulrike Groos, Joseph Kosuth, Charlotte Laubard, and Stephan...

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