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Michael Csontos

The Perceptions of Michael Csontos

CreateSpace, 2012
Страниц: 160
Формат: 215x280
This selection of paintings and inkings are from 30 years of consciously producing images specifically for this book. Over 150 images grace the pages of this volume. 126 full page color images of paintings, 13 half page images of paintings, 19 new black and white inkings (none are repeated from the author's drawing book "The Art of Visualizing Black and White"), a painting technique that shows how to visualize and proceed from an abstract beginning, and a pencil and ink technique, which also shows how to visualize and create an ink drawing. Also included are a dozen pages of text discussing the painting approach, symbolism, composition, inspiration, technique and the purpose of art. The inspiration for the paintings and drawings comes from nature, fantasy, humanity, magic, imagination, philosophical concepts, and dreams. Conceived mostly from an abstract process the artwork develops into an amazing visual conveyance. Every painting gives the viewer something to think about and a world...

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