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Dr Adam Ireland

Ode to Tristan Tzara

Страниц: 208
The following novel is made in “cut-up” method, first used in Europe as a method of poetic expression and defined the literary aspect of the Dada movement. Thus… The following novel is not to be read as anything other than a Dada Poem, the coincidences of word play is poorly erratic and unplanned by any other hand than fate itself. As the great William S. Burroughs once said about the “cut-up” method, “When you cut up the present the future bleeds” This novel contains numerous and frequent sexual references, violence and is not advocated reading for anyone under 18, or people easily offended by sexual situations. Do not try to read this novel, but rather let this novel read you. You, the reader, are encouraged to utilize this text in your own “cut-up” work. No one can own a word, words are free and every word has been used before, in fact every word you think, write or say has been used by someone else before that moment, therefore language is plagiarism and no word or group of...

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Суд оштрафовал экипаж судна Норд
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Суд отстранил гендиректора Укрвакцины от должности
Критика тaкжe oбязaл чинoвникa сдaть зaгрaнпaспoрт. Дирeктoр Укрвaкцины пoдoзрeвaeтся в рaстрaтe 1,5 млн грн бюджeтныx

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