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Simon Jepps

For Peace

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For Peace (Music From The Jeppsian Book Of The Living) is a collection of four pieces of music written and composed by Simon Edward Jepps, who is founder of the Jeppsian faith and who is also known as Svoreign Jepps by spiritual transcendence. The first, For I Am Svoreign, is a passionately slow peace which is meant to express Svoreign's past and inner calling to harken his inner heart's spiritual desire. The second, One For Sorrow, is a sweetly sad, but uplifting expression of love and of life. The third piece, Svoreign's Prayer, is an orchestral Jeppsian chant, which features four voices, tubular bells, timpani and the lyrics from Svoreign's prayer, found in The Holy Truce. The fourth piece, The Dawning, is a final orchestral piece which expresses the dawning of a new day, a new philosophy and effectively of Svoreign's own religion. The Dawning features piano, an A duduk, euphonium and tablas percussion. The Jeppsian Book Of The living is the wealthiest collection of Jeppsian...

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