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Mathius Mwesige

Prostitution And Adultery A Social Cancer: It's your role to fight against the cancer

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Prostitutiona??s toleration, prohibition and abolition have in some cases been enforced simultaneously. By tolerating the practice of prostitution while noting its grave sinfulness, money can be acquired from "shameful occupations" such as prostitution & play-acting,but again one is not obliged to restore these monies to the customers.The practice of whoredom is filthy and against the law of God. However, a woman's profit from whoredom is not unlawful by her taking money, but because it is the outcome of something unlawful. The religious (faiths) should work hand in hand with the Parliament to enact laws that are strict about adultery because the provisions of section 154 of the Penal Code Chapter 120 were repealed (Ugandan laws.It is important to make operational fair laws that seek to balance the definition of adultery for both men and women as the current law is more inclined in favor of men than women.It should be a common practice among the religious faith to preach to masses...

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Как продать свои фотографии. Часть 2.

Как продать свои фотографии. Часть 2.

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