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Tom Bancroft

Character Mentor Studio, Workbook 1- Shape Inspiration (Volume 1)

Страниц: 100
The Character Mentor Studio a??Workbooka?? series is a fun educational tool for any artist that enjoys creating characters. Each Workbook is themed to a certain aspect of study and they grow in complexity as the series progresses. Formatted as part sketchbook, part a??how toa?? art book each workbook has fifty 8 A?a?? x 11a?? pages of lightly printed instruction and shapes for you to draw over and use as a tool to spark your creativity. Workbook 1- Shape Inspiration- This workbook is 50 pages of regular and odd shapes- 4 or 5 per page- for you to make into crazy, serious, or inventive characters! Explore all the nooks and crannies and see what kind of character comes out of it!

Color Management System (CMS) в логике цветовых координатных систем

Color Management System (CMS) в логике цветовых координатных систем

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