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The Essence of Cool

Страниц: 144
What does it mean when something is 'cool?' It seems like almost everybody is actually using the word, or different versions of it, like 'amazing,' 'hot,' 'tight,' 'wicked,' or 'chill.' But, defining 'cool' is something else. 'Cool' apparently is a kind of concept of thought. What is 'cool' for one person is not necessarily 'cool' for someone else. The idea behind this book is to open the discussion about this rather intangible topic. Everybody knows that coolness is a vital ingredient of design, whatever it is that is being designed. But, to actually deal with it on a conscious level is something different. The book contributes to a better understanding of the essence of cool, with the participation of 25 worldwide designers from the fields of fashion, industrial design, and architecture.

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