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Zarina Bhimji, Achim Borchardt-Hume, Kathleen Buhler, T J Demos

Zarina Bhimji

Страниц: 128
Landscapes and buildings haunted by their layered histories are the protagonists in British artist Zarina Bhimji's photographs and large-scale film installations, with India and East Africa the repeat locations for her forays into the archaeology of place. This catalog of a major survey exhibition spanning 25 years presents the first overview of Bhimji's work. Sound and picture combine to transform image into metaphor, politics into poetry. Spans early installation pieces from She Loved to Breathe: Pure Silence (1987), to her critically acclaimed film Out of Blue (2002), first shown at documenta XI, and her much-anticipated latest work, Yellow Patch (2011). Includes an in-depth conversation between the artist and the exhibition's curators, Achim Borchardt-Hume and Kathleen Buhler plus an essay by art historian and writer TJ Demos in which he analyses what he calls Bhimji's 'Cinema of Affect'.

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