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Micha Patiniott

Micha Patiniott - Curiously Human

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In 2010, the prestigious Stedelijk Museum Schiedam presented the first solo museum show for young Dutch painter Micha Patiniott along with this slim but wonderfully engaging exhibition catalog. Patiniott's paintings, rooted in personal experience and imagination, capture reality with a twist. In his work, trivial situations soon get out of hand and lead to poetic, bizarre or amusing images. Patiniott is primarily a story-teller. His paintings are impulses to anecdotes or scenes from a narrative. Viewers can project their emotions on to them or use the ingredients for their own interpretations. Patiniott's stories are unfinished. They do not confirm images, they create them. Patiniott's career includes a year residency at the Fine Arts Work Ctr., Provincetown, Massachusetts, along with continued international exposure.

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