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Roisin Rzeznik

Roisin Rzeznik Catalogue RaisonnE: Roisin Rzeznik Catalogue RaisonnE 2012 (Volume 1)

Страниц: 260
RA?isA­n Rzeznik Catalogue RaisonnA© 2012 This is your chance to fully and accurately explore Roisin Rzeznika??s magnificent paintings, abstract art, and other admired works. Within, you will find a full range of her subjects, her working methods, and her stylistic development. This beautiful catalogue raisonne; Volume: 1, which presents a library of complete works from 2005 through 2011 by Rzeznik in a variety of media displaying her use of form and color, as Rzeznik breaks the mold at the magical crossroads of the 21st Century of the Anno Domini and the abstraction of reality. Like an unchained reaction, aware that in the process light is shed on her works, depth, and distinctive contribution to Global Art and Contemporary American Modernism. This catalogue includes Rzeznik's paintings, drawings, watercolors, and sculpture. Together with factual information, the works are arranged as chronologically as possible.

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