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Ashleigh Whelan

For The Future: An Examination of Conspiracy and Consciousness in the Works of Don DeLillo

Страниц: 64
An intriguing look into the interconnectedness of conspiracy theories, paranoia, art, and consciousness in contemporary American society, with a focus on literary works by acclaimed author Don DeLillo. Through close character analysis and under the lens of cultural theory, this thesis pushes readers to think critically about the effects of societal terror on the individual and the collective. With close attention to the transformative and healing power of art, and a sensitivity to the possible subjugations of such power, the writer seamlessly forms a compelling discourse that is a must read for any fan of Don DeLillo, student of cultural theory, conspiracy theory fanatic, or general art lover. A carefully researched and bravely executed argument that inspires readers to appreciate the beauty and possibilities of re-writing history.

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