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Dharamdas Shende, Rashmi Tikku, Urmila Dabir

Deconstruction: New Considerations in Humanities: Festschrift in honour of Professor J. B. Paranjape

Страниц: 196
University Scholarship in Humanities in the second half of the twentieth century is marked by two movements often working in tandem. The intellectual ferment in many of the disciplines in humanities is caused by the cross-disciplinary interface between critical theories that tend to collapse the ideological boundaries between disciplines. The second movement is concerned with the evaporation of spatial boundaries themselves that has created a radically new space in the aftermath of colonialism which goes under the broad rubric of post-colonialism. The resurgence of competing deconstructive approaches incorporating feminism, post-colonialism, cultural studies and postmodernism has radically de-familiarised the educational establishmenta??s ambience since the 1960a??s. Publications like After Theory, Post-Theory, The Death of Criticism, The Death of Theory with their provocative titles seem to ring the death knell of theory, but is it really the end of aura of theory or do we...

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