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Smita Kale

Kashmir to Kanyakumari Indian Embroidery: State by State Embroidery of India

Страниц: 180
One can use this book in many ways. Just browse through it for sheer reading pleasure or to satisfy curiosity of, in how many different ways certain embroideries are done in other states of India. For example how blanket stitches or chain stitches are made in different regions along with other combinations of stitches. How differently from region to region a mirror is fixed on the material. One can also use this book as a help in deciding which embroidery style one would like to begin work, either to buy the embroidered goods or get the type of work done. Read through it or dip first into one chapter, then into another, and find out exactly what is involved in the motifs you think might interest you. Thus, appreciation of the efforts involved, automatically comes with knowledge and getting to know intimately the details of work creates aspirations for making such charming embroidered cloths. Kashmir to Kanyakumari contains more than 150 pages and has more than 150 photographs and...

Как побороть вялость в фото?
Как побороть вялость в фото? В идеале - надо бы съездить в это место в другое время, с хорошим светом. А если нельзя? Ну вот никак... в корзину? Ну как вариант... Но можно попробовать немного оживить кадр, добавить ему драматизма (не люблю это слово), и таким образом исправить то, что не смог исправить при съемке.Пр...

Как побороть вялость в фото?

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