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Bill H. Ritchie

Halfwood Press - The Story: and Who's Who of Halfwood Press

Страниц: 200
An artist made one-hundred thirty etching presses out of wood and steel. Some people called these a??halfwooda?? presses works of art. This story tells how the first owners put to use these works of art in the making of their own fine art prints. The artist was once an art professor with a penchant for entrepreneurship. His story is narrated in the voice of Harris Sweed, a fictional retired engineer who, in his student years, wanted also to be an artist. After forty years Sweed reconnected with the art professor, and their meeting launched this account of how the professora??s dream of a perfect studio led to the Halfwood Press - and is coming back full circle - or, as he put it - recursively. Halfwood Press-The Story is about real people, mostly, but Sweed connects with his muse, inventing new characters. Aware of Sweeda??s whims and whimsy, the professor suggests taking the story to his imaginary place that he calls Emeralda, where all people do all day is play Games for the Gifts...

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