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Design and Designing: A Critical Introduction

Страниц: 512
Design and Designing will provide the reader with a very broad and critical understanding of what is an essentially practical subject. Designing today is less a craft and more a part of the knowledge economy. It's all about knowing how to acquire knowledge and how to creatively apply it. Design and Designing covers the design process, modeling and drawing, working with clients, production and consumption, sustainability, professional practice and design futures. Chapters are written by expert teachers and practitioners from around the globe, each aiming to present an accessible and engaging overview of their part of Design. Chapters are illustrated with a wide range of images and information boxes, which extend or highlight key material. Each section concludes with a Design Project, a hands-on activity for the reader.Design and Designing covers the full range of the subject from graphic communication, to product design, to fashion and games design, setting all in their aesthetic,...

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