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Eat Me: Appetite for Design

Страниц: 248
Food has long been a source of inspiration to cultures around the world. The passionate designers at the forefront of the field have poured their creativity into every aspect of food culture. Eat Me gathers an extraordinary collection of designed places, art products, brands, people, and commodities within the world of food. New trends and materials have led to unique opportunities for the designers of today to enhance and elevate one's culinary experience by speaking to our minds as well as our stomachs. Eat Me features not only the best in food packaging but also side products like utensils, kitchenware, and menu design. Eating spaces are also included in a special section of the book that gives a round-the-world tour of the latest and most innovative cafes, bars, and restaurants. The third section of the book is about the arts and showcases the latest events, exhibitions, installations, and art pieces made with or inspired by food. Explore the latest trends through numerous up to...

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