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Pauline J. Yao, Rania Ho, Wang Wei

3 Years: Arrow Factory

Страниц: 200
Arrow Factory is an influential, independently run art space located in a narrow 200-year-old alleyway in the center of Beijing. Founded in 2008, Arrow Factory reclaims an existing storefront and transforms it into a space for site-specific installations and projects by contemporary artists that are designed to be viewed from the street, twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. This publication features 28 temporary site-specific works produced by Chinese and international artists at Arrow Factory during its first three years, capturing the fleeting connections forged in China's larger economic, intellectual, and artistic zeitgeist. Rich and insightful contributions by Patty Chang, Li Jinghu, Beatrice Leanza, Ken Lum, Ou Ning, Dan S. Wang plus Arrow Factory's neighbors and local residents.

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