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Darren Almond

Darren Almond - Nocturne (English and German Edition)

Страниц: 64
A stunning and unusual exhibition catalog - five pamphlets in a slipcase - suits the remarkable photography of film- and photo-based artist Darren Almond. The British artist makes his images using only the light of the full moon, suffusing his work with an intensely personal atmosphere. Almond makes sculptures, films, photos and works on paper, often based on his extensive travels to destinations like China and Tibet. These new works supplement a recurrent serial of time exposures of various landscapes under the full moon. Interested in time, place, personal history and collective memory, Almond has developed his own lexicon in photography. He was a finalist for the Turner Prize in 2005, and has exhibited at the Venice Biennale, the Berlin Biennale, K21 in Dusseldorf, and the Tate Britain.

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