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Tariq Ramadan, Steven Vertovec

Tariq Ramadan - On Super-Diversity (Reflections 02)

Страниц: 169
One of the greatest challenges for art and culture is to represent ethnic and cultural diversity. But what precisely does this term mean and why does it so rarely produce what it names? Steven Vertovec, Director of the Max-Planck-Institute for the Study of Religious and Ethnic Diversity, puts forward the notion of ''super-diversity,'' noting ''the need to reevaluate . . . [and move] beyond an ethno-focal understanding,'' to adopt a multidimensional approach. The prolific and provocative scholar and activist Tariq Ramadan weighs in on the subject, insisting on universalism as a necessary, if devalued, horizon and offering a critique of the uses and limits of discourse within the practice of super-diversity. A pivotal and essential discussion with regards to issues facing the early twenty-first century instigated by the forward thinking Dutch institute, Witte de With. Part of the Reflections Series.

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