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Nadia Malik, Aneela Sultana

Socio-Aesthetical Aspects of Gold Jewellery: An Anthropological Analysis

Страниц: 84
Gold is highly valued object not only for its economic worth & being unit of investment but also for its socio-aesthetical reasons. The main theme of this book deals with different aspects of gold jewellery in connections with various socio-religious dimensions. This anthropological study has been conducted in the famous Gold Market known as 'Sarafa Bazar' located in the city of Rawalpindi, Pakistan.It discusses how the use of gold jewellery turns into a social phenomenon and becomes a part of society, religion and aesthetics.It presents an anthropological account of the entire process of skill acquisition of gold craftsmen, the motifs and designs of jewellery, the aesthetic value attached to them and above all what makes it illumination of one’s social class, rank and status. In short, this book illustrates how material objects become meaningful in our social life and find their place in culture.

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