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Milan Zvada

Performance, Reality, and the Beyond: Dramaturgy as a way of looking into the spectator's aesthetic experience

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The monograph can be regarded as philosophical contemplation over the ambivalent role our languages and concepts play within reality. It elaborates on the nature of aesthetic experience and efficacy in theatre. Drawing its inspiration from the field of Performance studies, Ancient Greek and Hindu philosophy (Indian cultural traditions, theories in the NA?tyaA?A?stra), the worka??s aim is to suggest different ways of understanding theatre, performance, and the significance of dramaturgy in relation to philosophy, spectatorship and criticism. The notion of dramaturge as philosopher and first spectator is proposed and explained. The disctinction between one-way and interactive dramaturgy is made in pursuit of theatremaking that is more efficacious. Also, an intercultural approach to acting - psycho-physical, as proposed by Phillip Zarrilli, is described and contextualized within theatre practice. Intertextuality, eclecticism, perspectivism, and the poetic use of language serve as modes...

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