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Habib Yakoob

A Mandate from the Shrine: A Political Novel

Страниц: 312
Desperate to save his people from the onslaught of poverty, unemployment, ignorance and thuggery, Ojeiva Jumbo sought for power by all means to actualise this dream in the small fictional state of Azayi. Jumbo was led by his old school mate to Ganjua, the political Godfather in the state, who not only sponsored him for the gubernatorial election, but helped to have it rigged in his favour. However, all this did not come without a price as Governor Jumbo was made to swear to an oath by his Godfather that he would repay what had been sacrificed for him immediately he settled into his new office. The governora??s subsequent breach of his a??sacreda?? oath incensed his Godfather, who wanted him assassinated at all cost, or removed from office. How Governor Jumbo survived the series of deadly plots by Ganjua is the theme of this great political thriller, characterized by unspeakable terrorism, intimidation, murder, courtroom drama, and other excitable actions.

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