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Ijeoma Forchu

Implications of Adolescents' Musical Preferences to Development: A Study of Enugu Town,Nigeria

Страниц: 232
The intrinsic effect of music on man is an established phenomenon. The social environment is generally replete with a wide array of challenges and vices that affect not only the adolescents, but also other members of the society, thereby hindering human development. Thus, adolescents in particular, because of their critical stage in life, are faced with serious social, cultural and economic challenges. Music not only poses a challenge in itself, but also offers music technological tools for combating some of these societal ills. This book ascertains the relationship between adolescents' musical preferences and behavioural patterns, and its possible effect on the development of the Nigerian adolescent as well as the society at large. It employs a multidimensional approach, including observations, surveys, bibliographic and discographic methods. It reveals the existence of a significant relationship between musical contents and behavioural patterns among Nigerian adolescents. This...

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