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Evan Chakroff, Addison Godel and Jacqueline Gargus

China: Architectural Guide

Dom Publishers, 2015
Страниц: 400
Формат: 135x240
In an era of accelerating population growth, mass urbanisation, and increasing pressure on the natural environment, the mega­cities of China's eastern seaboard have become a focal point of architectural and urban­design attention. The reform and opening- up era has touched China's major cities in different ways, variously affecting the existing fabric of dynastic capitals, trade hubs, and former European colonies and concessions; this in turn has provided the setting for a range of complex reactions by contemporary architects. The Architectural Guide China provides an invaluable window into this work, with city­by­city coverage including historic maps and background informa tion on urban form. Building on the authors' years of expe rience leading architectural study tours, this book is the first comprehensive English­language survey of architecture in China presented in the form of a travel guidebook.
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Театр. Архитектура. Искусство

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