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Alexander Semenov

The Magical World of the Cold Seas

Паулсен, 2016
Страниц: 272
Формат: 225x285
For the marine biologist, every sea is like an open book, filled to the brim with incredible stories. We head underwater to search for these stories, to find a new one and tell it to you. In this book, you will read about the creatures which inhabit the icy waters of the White, Barents, Pechora and Okhotsk Seas, the Northern part of the Pacific Ocean and the Sea of Japan. These creatures are unique, and very few people have been lucky enough to see them. The long polar night, freezing temperatures, the surface of the sea which clasp up under sheets of ice, strong water currents, difficult weather conditions - all these factors mean that field work is only possible for a few short months per year, and only after very rigorous technical and physical training. For precisely this reason, the book you are holding right now is unique. It is the result of many years of work and hundreds of dives. It contains the best photographs of interesting, rare and unusual creatures, as well as the fascinating stories of their lives.
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