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Veronika Blomgren

Rome: Define Fine Guide

Define Fine, 2016
Страниц: 208
Формат: 155x155
Rome is THE CITY you must not miss in this world of ours. This is the city that has shaped the history of humankind. It's the city that tells tales of human greatness, passion, cruelty, jealousy, love. It's also the city that remembers it all - and lives as if it does not care. When in Rome, you easily forget that the rest of the world exists, you are so deeply immersed in the culture, the history and the human stories. You'll find yourself astonished, amazed and at some point addicted to its seductive beauty. When in Rome you cherish every step, every minute, and every corner you turn. When in Rome you do as the Romans do. And you love it. Come to Rome prepared - get art history classes, read books. You just have to know who are Bernini, Baromini and Canova. Rome will embrace you regardless, but if you know its story you will walk the streets of this amazing citv with a sense of dignitv and belonging. Rome does not care about the millions of tourists, it hovers above г...
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