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Victoria Charlton

Snowdon on Russia

Menatron Publications, 2003
Страниц: 172
Формат: 300x280
"Snowdon on Russia" clearly demonstrates that Russia occupies a special place in the photographer's heart. From his first visit more than 20 years ago until today, Snowdon has not lost his curiosity about this vast land and still enjoys the sense of adventure that is part of the Russian experience. A great friend said of him, "He is a modern eccentric with an eccentric's absolute determination to have his own way which can goad people to the point of assassination, held back only by his charm which can halt a ravenous beast in its tracks." Snowdon is an extraordinary, hugely talented man. Having virtually no patience at all, he is fortunately, a man of great kindness with a mischievous sense of humour, none of which he acknowledges. All of these attributes were called upon as he travelled many thousands of miles criss-crossing the country in the preparation of this book. He has always shown consistent and remarkable versatility as a photographer, possessing great...

Интервью с Евгением Потаниным
На открытие новой питерской фотошколы  NEW SCHOOL PHOTO COLLEGE проходил мастер-класс известного московского фотографа Евгения Потанина. Мы очень тесно сотрудничаем с новой фотошколой и принимаем ативное участие в их творческой жизни. Наш фотограф Алексей Шумилов брал интервью у Евгения для OpenTV, видео-проекта NEW SCHOOL PHOTO COLLEGE.

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