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Jean-Paul Goude

"Jean-Paul Goude" is a modern legend in the world of commercial art. From his New York days with Esquire magazine to his latest work for Galeries Lafayette, he has consistently provoked and delighted those who have encountered his work. He was Grace Joness Pygmalion, creating unforgettable images of her, from androgyne to cyber-superwoman to supreme diva. This volume, published to accompany a major retrospective at the Musee des Arts Decoratifs in Paris, is a celebration of his creative zest and perfectionism, and his unique affinity for making fresh and engaging work. Around 600 images are on show, including many working documents published here for the first time, from inspired doodles to final images that sparkle with creative vigour. Selected and arranged by Goude himself, they present a gallery of artworks that have redefined advertising and brand photography as we know them. Sexy, irreverent and full of humour, this book will inform and instruct all those concerned with the art of image-making, whether professionals or simply those prepared to be entertained by chic, witty images that work.
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