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Enzo Russo

Sicily Land of Myth

Arsenale Editrice, 2003
Страниц: 200
Формат: 220x260
There is perhaps no other region in the world that has had as intense and event-rilled a history as Sicily. It has experienced moments of great splendour and freedom, domination and revolts, it has been a crossroads for different races, cultures and traditions - and all of this has created a specific, almost legendary "Sicilian-ness". Perhaps this "Sicilian-ness" doesn't really exist at all - or if it does, it is by no means easily explicable. There are only two ways to solve this riddle: first of all, through words, as many Sicilian authors have tried to do (taken together, these authors constitute the most consistent corpus of literary production in Italy); and secondly, through images, which, much more immediately and successfully than words themselves, offer the viewer the island's contrasts, beauties and horrors, and encapsulate the spirit of the island and its inhabitants. This one volume offers the temple of Segesta, eternal and isolated in the midst of the countryside, the...
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