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Water in Form and Light

Page One, 2007
—траниц: 264
Designing fountains is a strange way to make a living. We got into it by chance. It would be difficult to call fountain designing a vocation since it is so little known... And yet, it is a job that inspires passion, claiming as its principal resource the most natural and most indispensable element in the world : water. Learning to master it soon becomes fascinating and captivating. A fountain is a clever mix of craftsmanship and technology, of calculations and intuition. The apprenticeship is long, and fluids can prove surprising and knock you off balance. Its reactions are sometimes impossible to predict, theoretical calculations are often not enough and the best guarantee in this field is proven experience. A few years ago, an article appeared in the newspaper Liberation entitled : "Jean Max Llorca, the sculptor in water". With more than 500 finished projects, this renowned creator of fountains has acquired a substantial and conclusive knowledge of fluid behaviour,...
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