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Denver: A Picture Book to Remember Her by

Crescent Books, 1987
Страниц: 64
Формат: 200x270
The Queen City of the Rocky Mountains has been an important destination for Americans almost since the day the first settler pitched camp there in 1858. In the early days, almost none of them was looking for a good time, and few of them found it, in spite of the fact that Denver is in the heart of one of the most beautiful and one of the most healthful regions in the world. The city itself has become beautiful over the years, as the contemporary photographs in this collection prove. And whether they're in search of a good time or the good life, anyone seeing Denver for the first time knows almost by instinct that this is the place they have been searching for. The pictures in this book are dedicated to those first-time visitors as well as to those who return again and again, as most first-time visitors do. They are also a source of pleasure, just as the city itself is, to people who find it a joy to live and work there. A settler who arrived in Denver in the 1860s...
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