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Kerry Kennedy

Speak Truth to Power: Human Rights Defenders Who are Changing Our World

Страниц: 256
Amazon.comAnonymous wears a black shroud and a hangman's noose. Unnamed and masked, perhaps he or she will avoid the fate suggested in the haunting photograph that graces the cover of this remarkable book. Anonymous is one of the mostly unsung heroes interviewed by Kerry Kennedy Cuomo who are fighting for human rights in places where torture, imprisonment, and death are the side effects of speaking out against such atrocities as child soldiers, sex slavery, honor killings, and repression of political rights. In Anonymous's case, teaching Sudanese women their rights where a civil war is being waged by Islamic extremists could land him or her in a "ghost house" of torture, or, if lucky, in prison for an undetermined amount of time. In an age when heroes seem almost a thing of the past, these 51 human rights defenders demonstrate that real moral courage is alive and well on planet Earth. As Kennedy Cuomo writes in her introduction, these are the Martin Luther Kings of the world, and...

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Эпоха развитого социализма в трогательных фотографиях Владимира Соколаева
Владимир Соколаев 0ІЃЂЂБЂаф-документалист, член союза фотохудожников России.PЕго фотографии запечатлелиPконец 70-х, начало 80-х, эпоху развитого социализма. 1. 2. Контролер в автобусе, а руки заняты… Новокузнецк. 30.01.1989. 3. Спешащая на демонстрацию носительница “СЧАСТЬЯ”. Улица Обнорского. Новокузнецк. 1.05.1983. 4. 5. Цыганочка-пастушка на коне. С раннего возраста дети знакомятся с седлом и помогают взрослым пасти стада. Цыгане-скотогоны. Окраина села […]

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