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Robert Hutchinson

The Old Man of the Mountain

Страниц: 48
Book DescriptionThe Old Man of the Mountain is a timely photographic memorial to New Hampshire's beloved emblem, the colossal profile of natural granite in the White Mountains that suddenly collapsed on May 3, 2003. Many devoted friends of the Old Man have generously contributed to this remembrance. New Hampshire nature photographer William Johnson contributes his stunning portfolio of images showing the changing aspects of the Old Man in all seasons and atmospheric conditions. Dick Hamilton, president of White Mountains Attractions and member of the Old Man Revitalization Task Force, contributes his amazing close-ups of the Old Man taken from unfamiliar angles, including helicopter shots of the Old Man site for several decades before--and on the very day after--the collapse. The New Hampshire Historical Society contributes fascinating art images of this national icon over the last two centuries. Vincent Dunn, retired New Hampshire Superior Court Justice, contributes a thoughtful...
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Природа; Флора и фауна

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